Mr Lee Kuan Yew
1923 - 2015

Dear Sir, 
» You brought us,(people of Singapore), to what we are today. You taught us to  meet challenges, make changes and succeed. You have instilled in us, hard  work and placed the right  infrastructure for the future of our children. 
» We have not lost you. We have you in all of us.
» In every success that Singapore achieves today and onward, you are in it with us.» We will always remember you.
» President and Management Committee (2015 – 2016)  Members of SAS  

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

» The PDPA was legislated in Parliament on 15 October 2012 and has taken effect to be regulated now. Every organisation imperatively, need to have procedures in place to comply with the Act by 2nd July 2014.

»Security Association (Singapore), will comply with this and duly inform all members to register, the DNC (Do not Call), refer to PDPA website for appropriate reference.

»The information on members collated and kept in the Secretariat office is deemed confidential and solely used for internal communication only. No 3rd party will have access and if contacted by such person or organisation, members can immediately inform our Secretariat for an investigation to be carried out.

» Security Association (Singapore), protects your information to reasonably serve you. We as a private security voluntary association, we will safeguard your information unless otherwise required as follows :a) Police and other authorised government agencies on any investigation need.b) Remove your information, if you cease to be a member and also you will be duly informed.

» Kindly contact our secretariat office for more information.