Global Networking

Global Networking

by Morrine Henson in collaboration with Penny Ang & C N Rajandran

A very successful trip was organized by SAS to visit and attend a Joint Seminar held at Johannesburg South Africa on 25th August 2011, by South African Institute of Security and Security Association (Singapore). A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between us as such the invitation to attend their AGM on 26th August 2011


On 22nd August 2011 our participants departed from Singapore and headed to Johannesburg, South Africa. Everyone were in high spirits eventhough it was a long haul.

Our first stop was to visit the Voortrekker Monument at Pretoria. We were informed on the history of the Dutch Community wanting to breakaway from British rule hence the formation of a separate township. It was an interesting monument whereby it contained a vast and lovely inner structure. The ladies were enthralled and began posing for pictures and were shivering at the chilly winds at the top of the monument.

The ride in the coach was long but however, the scenery was interesting enough. We encountered zebras on an open stretch, and a beautiful mosque, naturally pictures are a must. We were also surprised that Aloe Vera plants had such awesome flowers.

aloevera mosque zebra

We then headed to our hotel for a much needed respite so we thought, before you know it we were calling each other and typically Singapore, we headed to the nearest Mall. After dinner we retired for the day.


Our second day, started with a hearty breakfast, after which we made our journey to University of South Africa (UNISA) to meet up with Prof. Kris Pillay from the School of Criminal Justice and his fellow learned colleagues. After Prof Pillay’s opening address we were then briefed by Prof. Anthony Minaar on the Security Management Course and its entrance criteria.

Ms. Sarika Sewpersad had shared with us her research related to ATM Bombings, its causes and some of the precautionary measures that could be taken. However, due to bank internal security propriety most banks were unwilling to share the measures that they have undertaken. All in all it was an interesting and informative visit. Having had finger food we then headed back to our hotel.

That night we hosted a dinner for the Board of Governors at Mayo Melrose Arch Restaurant. A pleasant and informal night was shared by all.

On 25th August 2011 we headed to Illovo for the joint seminar between South African Institute of Security (SAIS) and Security Association (Singapore) held at JP Morgan Building Auditorium.

On 26th August 2011 some of our delegates went on a Safari while others attended the AGM of SAIS lunch and meet up session with the Board of Governors. Plagues were exchanged between the two bodies and a souvenir each was given to them as a momento.

Then what else are we famous for? Yes!!! Bargain hunting, while waiting for our friends to come back from their Safari.

Our last and final visit on 28th August 2011, we visited Omega Risk Solutions Pte Ltd This visit was very interesting as we were briefed on their CCTV monitoring system of the CBD areas at the northern side of Johannesburg. They had 231 cameras covering this side and showed us some video recordings of crime taking place in the city. By monitoring the area they had successfully alerted the police on robberies taking place. The robbers were caught in the act due to the alertness of the security officer monitoring the cameras and the quick response from the police.

Mr. Mark de Koker gave us a briefing on their day to day operations and even gave us a tour of their facility. A very impressive setup.

This trip gave us a valuable insight as to what can be done when security manpower converges with technology. It has also been one of bonding between our members. Thank you everyone your company was enjoyed throughout this trip!