Since 1994, SAS has a formulated certification program, it is directly overseen by the “Certification Board” headed by the President. The following certifications are offered and certificate presentations are held annually in the month of April.

Certified Security Agency – CSA ®
Certified Security Professional – CSP ®
Certified Security Manager – CSM ®
Certified Private Investigator – CPI ®
Certified Protection Officer – CPO ®

SAS has the sole-proprietorship of the above acronyms and certification titles, registered with the Intellectual Property Rights of Singapore under Section 15 (5) of the Trade Marks Act.


  • Aero Asia Security Systems Pte Ltd
  • CBM Security Pte Ltd
  • Corporate Intelligence & Security Management Pte Ltd
  • Danmax Security Management Pte Ltd
  • Dragnet Private Investigation and Security Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Excellent Security & Safety Pte Ltd
  • Formteam Consultancy Pte Ltd
  • Galaxy Investigation & Security Service Pte Ltd
  • Globalmax Security & Consultants
  • Goldeneye Investigation & Security Services Pte Ltd
  • Interlock Security & Investigation Services Pte Ltd
  • Kyowa Security Guard & General Services Pte Ltd
  • Mainguard Security Services (S) Pte Ltd
  • Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd
  • Pan Island Security & Investigation Company Pte Ltd
  • Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte Ltd
  • Pledge Protection (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Prosperous Security Services Pte Ltd
  • Reachfield Security & Safety Management Pte Ltd
  • Shine Security Agency Pte Ltd
  • Six To Six Agencies Pte Ltd
  • SMS Investigation & Security Pte Ltd
  • Soverus Pte Ltd
  • Superior Security Services & Private Investigation Pte Ltd
  • Top Guard Security Management Pte Ltd
  • Triple ‘S’ Protection Pte Ltd
  • Vigilantech Security Management Pte Ltd

• Mr Alan Leong
• Mr Junaidi Bin Aman
• Mr Heng Ching Long
• Mr Kumaran Lanka Sundrum
• Mr Jeffrey Chun(Ademco Security P/L)
• Mr A P Panneerselvam(Aero Asia Security Systems P/L)
• Mr Selvakumar s/o Panneerselvam( Aero Asia Security Systems P/L)
• Mr Robinson PV Sebastian(Alliance Security Management P/L)
• Mr Joey Chan Chor Meng(Continental Investigation Consultancy  P/L)
• Ms Wong Siew Mei(Corporate Intelligence & Security Mgmt P/L)
• Ms Ang Poi Moy, Penny(Danmax Security Management P/L)
• Ms Aishah Rizman Ali(Dragnet Private Investigation & Security Consultants P/L
• Mr T Mogan(Dragnet Private Investigation & Security Consultants P/L)
• Mr Bernard Tan Peng Young(Excellent Security & Safety P/L)
• Mr Eric Goh Sok Hiong(FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd)
• Mr Baljit Singh(Globalmax Security & Consultants)
• Mr Masbollah Fazal(Goldeneye Investigation & Security Svcs P/L)
• Mr Gurunathan Kumar(Highland Security Services)
• Cpt (Ret) Terlok Nath Jimmy(Interlock Security & Investigation Services P/L)
• Mr Tiwary Ram Manohar(Interlock Security & Investigation Services P/L)
• Mr Chandran s/o Krishnasamy(Jai’s Security Services P/L)
• Mr Goh Sok Hiong, Eric(FormTeam Consultancy P/L)
• Mr Roy S Ramachandaran(Knight Intelligence & Forensics P/L)
• Mr P Kalastree (Ret. Maj)(Mainguard Security Services (S) P/L)
• Ms Woo Bee Cheng, Dora(Mainguard Security Services (S) P/L)
• Mr K Mogan(Majesty Security Services)
• Mr Soh Chee Chuan(Metropolis Security Systems P/L)
• Mr Johnny Lai Meow Shin(Metropolis Security Systems P/L)
• Mr M Bala(Pan Island Security & Investigation Co P/L)
• Mr Kevin Shanmugam(Pedro Investigations & Security Services P/L)
• Mr Govin Manunethi(Pedro Investigations & Security Services P/L)
• Mr Sam Wong Heng Fu(Pledge Protection (Asia) P/L)
• Mr Lee Eng Wah Alvin(Reachfield Security & Safety Mgmt P/L)
• Ms Leo Chin Chen June( Securite Associates P/L)
• Mr Yeo Yee Hock(Securite Associates P/L)
• Mr Roshan Singh    (Shine Security Agency P/L)
• Mr Arthur Goh Chek Thong  (Shine Security Agency P/L)
• Mr John Sng Khee Hui(SMS Investigation & Security P/L)
• Mr Kogularamanan(Straits Security & Integrated P/L)
• Mr Sukdev Singh(Top Guard Security Management P/L)
• Mr Saravanan Rajoo(Triple ‘S’ Protection P/L)
• Ms Tay Peck Ngam Peggy(Vigilantech Security Management P/L

Full page fax print

  • Mr Tan Kok Boon – CDIC Consultants LLP
  • Mr Joey Chan Chor Meng – Continental Investigation Consultancy P L
  • Mr T Mogan – Dragnet Private Investigation & Security Consultants P L
  • Ms Aishah Rizman Ali – Dragnet P I & Sec Consultants P L
  • Mr Masbollah Fazal – Goldeneye Investigation & Security Services P L
  • Ms Mas Indrani – Goldeneye Investigation & Security Services P L
  • Mr Gurunathan Kumar – Highland Security Services
  • Mr P Kalastree (Ret. Maj) – Mainguard Security Services (S) P L
  • Mr Tang Boon Swa – Nemesis Investigations P L


  • Mr George Teo Kim Seng – Metropolis Security Systems Pte Lte
  • Mr Phua Yew Bin – Galaxy Investigation & Security Service Pte Ltd
  • Mr Robinson PV Sebastian – Alliance Security Management Pte Ltd
  • Mr Sukdev Singh – Top Guard Security Management Pte Ltd