President’s Message

President's Message

In late 1960s and early 70s, very few security agencies were set-up by simply registering a company with the Registar of Companies by paying S$25.00. These agencies recruited anybody and with any kind of uniform, deployed them for security duties at buildings and premises.

Therefore in December 1973, the Private Investigation & Security Agency Act was passed in Parliament to regulate this industry. Since then, many security and private investigation agencies closed their businesses and many individuals were no more in this business.

To further regulate this industry, and to open a dialogue with the authority – i.e. Licensing Division, an Association was formed in 1976, then known as “Association of Licensed Security & Investigation Agencies (ALSIA)”. The idea of forming a security association was the brainchild of the late Mr. Henson, who was affectionately called or referred to as “UNCLE HENSON” in this industry. UNCLE HENSON was a senior Police Officer, who retired from the Singapore Police Force, and operated a security agency. He was one of the very few gentleman-officers to operate a security agency in the early years.

In the year 1992, ALSIA constitutionally changed its name to Security Association (SINGAPORE), SAS. By the change of its name to SAS, members were not only from licensed security and private investigation agencies but security, investigation and safety professionals from other industries and corporation from Singapore as well as internationally were invited. To-date, about 130 members were in SAS and membership is growing.