Our Certifications

Certified Security Agency - CSA ®

Aero Asia Security Systems Pte Ltd CBM Security Pte Ltd Corporate Intelligence & Security Management Pte Ltd Danmax Security Management Pte Ltd

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Certified Private Investigator - CPI ®

Mr Tan Kok Boon - CDIC Consultants LLP Mr Joey Chan Chor Meng - Continental Investigation Consultancy P L Mr T Mogan - Dragnet Private Investigation & Security Consultants P L

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Certified Security Manager - CSM ®

Mr George Teo Kim Seng - Metropolis Security Systems Pte Lte Mr Phua Yew Bin - Galaxy Investigation & Security Service Pte Ltd Mr Robinson PV Sebastian - Alliance Security

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About Us

President’s Message

In late 1960s and early 70s, very few security agencies were set-up by simply registering a company with the Registar of Companies by paying S$25.00.These agencies recruited anybody and with any kind of uniform, deployed them for security duties at buildings and premises.

Management Committee

The committee is drawn from members of the group and is elected by them, usually at an annual general meeting (AGM). Groups often have officers, such as President ,Vice President , Hon Secretary , Hon Treasurer ,and Committee Member, , and they too are part of the management committee.

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